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ASSATA SHAKUR - A 20th Century Escaped Slave
In   May   1973,   Assata   Olugbala   Shakur   was   involved   in   a   shootout   on   the   New   Jersey   Turnpike   in   which   she   was   accused   of   killing   New Jersey   State   Trooper   Werner   Foerster   and   assaulting   Trooper   James   Harper.   This   resulted   in   her   indictment   of   first-degree   murder   of Foerster   and   seven   other   felonies   related   to   the   shootout.   A   member   of   the   Black   Panther   Party,   she   became   a   prime   target   of   the   Federal Bureau   of   Investigations   Counterintelligence   Program.   When   she   joined   the   Black   Liberation Army   and   went   into   hiding,   between   1973   and 1977,   she   was   placed   on   the   FBIs   Most   Wanted   List   for   three   bank   robberies,   the   kidnapping   and   murder   of   two   drug   dealers,   and   the attempted murder of two New Jersey police officers. In   March   1977 Assata   Shakur   was   convicted   of   murdering   state   trooper   Werner   Forrester   and   was   imprisoned. Two   years   later   she   broke   out of   the   maximum-security   wing   of   Clinton   Correctional   Facility   in   New   Jersey,   pistol   in   hand,   as   she   and   three   cohorts   sped   out   of   the   prison grounds.   In   1984   she   was   granted   political   asylum   in   Cuba   where   she   has   lived   ever   since.   On   May   2,   2013,   the   FBI   added   her   to   the   Most Wanted   Terrorist   List,   the   first   woman   to   be   listed.   "Assata   Shakur: A   20th   Century   Escaped   Slave"   is   the   story   of Assata   Shakur,   before   she became a fugitive and since.
ISBN-13:  978-1939521606
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