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***** 5 stars  By Craig McGuire on June 24, 2017 Powerful Profile of Polarizing Assata Shakur! In   selecting   Assata   Shakur   for   this   engaging   biographical   treatment,   Barbara   Casey   faced   a   formidable   challenge   profiling   one   of   the   more incendiary   figures   of   20th   century   racial   politics.   Under   the   pen   of   a   lesser   author,   this   work   would   have   been   undermined   by   the   injection   of judgmental prose. Still   ensconced   in   Cuba   where   she   fled   seeking   political   asylum,   Shakur   remains   an   intensely   polarizing   figure. To   her   credit,   Casey   keeps   her opinions   to   herself,   delivering   a   balanced   account   of   the   life   and   legacy   of   the   legendary   Shakur.   By   not   force-feeding   readers   an   agenda (there   sure   is   enough   inflammatory   commentary   written   on   both   sides   of   the   Shakur   debate)   Casey   allows   the   reader   to   form   their   own   bias (or reinforce exiting viewpoints). This   is   also   just   solid   storytelling.   Meticulously   researched,   Casey   provides   a   robust   road-map   for   Shakur   from   her   rise   as   a   black   activist   and member   of   the   left-wing   Black   Liberation   Army,   to   her   involvement   in   a   series   of   high-profile   crimes,   including   the   a   multi-state   manhunt   and the   May   1973   shootout   on   the   New   Jersey   Turnpike,   resulting   in   the   death   of   a   NJ   State   Trooper.   Convicted   of   the   murder   in   1977,   Shakur’s time   in   prison   is   chronicled   by   Casey,   as   was   Shakur’s   escape   in   1979,   and   subsequent   flight   to   Cuba   in   1984   where   she   gained   political asylum.   Casey   effectively   paces   this   harrowing   account,   while   also   enriching   this   work   with   critical   contextual   narrative.   Ultimately,   regardless what you think of the first woman named to the Most Wanted Terrorist List, this is a highly recommended read that adds to the discussion. ***** 5 stars By Gaucho on March 18, 2017 A comprehensive look into the life Assata Shakur - Thoroughly researched and well written... This   is   a   comprehensive   look   into   the   life   of   JoAnne   Chesimard   aka   Assata   Shakur.   Thoroughly   researched   and   well   written,   Casey   reveals little-known   facts   and   information   about   her   subject   as   well   as   the   documented   evidence   making   Shakur   the   first   woman   to   be   included   on   the FBIs   “Most   Wanted   Terrorist”   list.   Like   Casey’s   previous   book,   KATHRYN   KELLY:   THE   MOLL   BEHIND   MACHINE   GUN   KELLY,   this   book   is well worth reading for the historical information leading up to Shakur’s situation today as well as for entertainment and enjoyment. ***** 5 stars By Daniel Neumann on July 5, 2017 A great and informative work. As with the other books penned by this talented author, "Assata Shakur" was a great read from cover to cover. ***** 5 stars By ACC8 on May 5, 2017 A fascinating look into the life and times of the first woman to be placed on the FBI Most Wanted Terrorist List.
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ASSATA SHAKUR - A 20th Century Escaped Slave
In   May   1973, Assata   Olugbala   Shakur   was   involved   in   a   shootout   on   the   New   Jersey   Turnpike   in   which   she   was   accused   of   killing   New   Jersey State   Trooper   Werner   Foerster   and   assaulting   Trooper   James   Harper.   This   resulted   in   her   indictment   of   first-degree   murder   of   Foerster   and seven   other   felonies   related   to   the   shootout.   A   member   of   the   Black   Panther   Party,   she   became   a   prime   target   of   the   Federal   Bureau   of Investigations   Counterintelligence   Program.   When   she   joined   the   Black   Liberation Army   and   went   into   hiding,   between   1973   and   1977,   she   was placed   on   the   FBI’s   Most   Wanted   List   for   three   bank   robberies,   the   kidnapping   and   murder   of   two   drug   dealers,   and   the   attempted   murder   of   two New Jersey police officers. In   March   1977 Assata   Shakur   was   convicted   of   murdering   state   trooper   Werner   Forrester   and   was   imprisoned.   Two   years   later   she   broke   out   of the   maximum-security   wing   of   Clinton   Correctional   Facility   in   New   Jersey,   pistol   in   hand,   as   she   and   three   cohorts   sped   out   of   the   prison grounds.   In   1984   she   was   granted   political   asylum   in   Cuba   where   she   has   lived   ever   since.   On   May   2,   2013,   the   FBI   added   her   to   the   Most Wanted   Terrorist   List,   the   first   woman   to   be   listed.   "Assata   Shakur:   A   20th   Century   Escaped   Slave"   is   the   story   of   Assata   Shakur,   before   she became a fugitive and since.
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