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KATHRYN KELLY - The Moll Behingd “Machine Gun” Kelly
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Kathryn   Kelly:   The   Moll   Behind   Machine   Gun   Kelly   is   a   biography   of   the   woman   who   made   a   career   of   crime.   With   a   lust   for   danger,   she masterminded   the   crimes   that   took   her   and   her   husband,   and   others   who   included   her   own   mother   and   stepfather,   on   a   spree   across   Minnesota, Tennessee,    Oklahoma,    and    Texas.    Starting    with    smaller    crimes    that    included    bootlegging,    smuggling    liquor    onto    an    Oklahoma    Indian reservation,   and   other   petty   crimes,   she   encouraged   her   husband,   George   Barnes   aka   George   Kelly,   toward   a   life   of   more   serious   criminal activity   that   eventually   escalated   into   bank   robberies,   kidnapping   and   extortion.   Many   believe   that   it   was   Kathryn,   after   giving   him   a   machine gun,   who   developed   George's   feared   persona   and   the   name   of   Machine   Gun   Kelly.      FBI   Director   J.   Edgar   Hoover   was   even   convinced   that   the two were somehow connected in the Lindbergh kidnapping. Kathryn   and   Machine   Gun   Kelly   were   eventually   captured   after   kidnapping   Charles   Urschel,   a   wealthy   Oklahoma   City   oilman,   and   collecting   a $200,000 ransom the largest ransom ever paid at that time. Eventually, the two were captured in Memphis, where Kelly had grown up as a boy. During   their   trial   in   Oklahoma   City,   movie   cameras   were   allowed   into   the   courtroom   for   the   first   time   as   curious   spectators   across   the   nation watched.   Kathryn,   while   claiming   to   be   an   innocent   victim   in   a   bad   marriage,   remained   unrepentant,   smiling   and   primping   for   the   cameras,   and writing   threatening   letters   to   the   judge   and   attorneys   assigned   to   the   case   as   well   as   her   victims.   Convicted   in   1933,   Kathryn   served   twenty-five years of her life sentence at FPC Alderson, West Virginia, when in 1958 she was finally released into obscurity. Although   much   has   been   written   about   Machine   Gun   Kelly,   there   is   very   little   known   about   Kathryn.   Through   narrative,   FBI   files,   rare   quotes from   George   Kelly's   son   and   other   relatives   and   associates,   extensive   research,   and   several   photographs,   Kathryn   Kelly    -   The   Moll   behind Machine Gun Kelly , is the first book ever written about a woman who chose to follow a life of crime during the Prohibition era.
How bank robber “Machine Gun” Kelly got his nickname In   the   early   1930s   banks   in   the   United   States   were   terrorized   by   a   bunch   of   high   profile   armed   robbers   who   roamed   the   mid-west. One   of   these   notorious   men   was   Tennessee,   Mississippi-born   “Machine   Gun”   Kelly.   Starting   out   as   a   bootlegger,   he   switched careers after a stint in prison and became a fulltime bank robber feared throughout the country. He   did   so   with   help   of   his   loving   wife   Kathryn   who   did   much   more   than   just   stand   by   her   man.   In   Barbara   Casey’s   soon-to-be- released book Kathryn Kelly: The Moll Behind “Machine Gun” Kelly readers get the full story behind Kathryn and her husband. Posted by Gangsters Inc. on August 9, 2015 at 12:14pm 5 out of 5 stars  -  Great book (Review posted in   Format: Paperback By Alaina on May 16, 2016 Katherhryn Kelly - The Moll Behind “ Machine Gun” Kelly , by Barbara Casey, is the story of the 1930s criminal, Katherine Kelley.    The   book   starts   with   a   quote   by   J.   Edgar   Hoover,   which   states   the   citizens   feared   a   kidnapper   that   went   by   the   name   of   Machine Gun Kelly. There was someone else who should have been feared more which was his wife. This   book   had   many   interesting   things   I   did   not   know. This   case   involved   so   many   “first”. This   case   was   the   first   one   to   be   tried   after the   “Lindbergh   Law”   was   passed.   This   law   made   kidnapping   a   federal   crime.   This   was   also   the   first   case   solved   by   the   FBI   which was growing at the time. Also first time the defendants were transported by airplane and the list keeps going. This   book   is   a   nonfiction   account   of   the   lives   of   these   criminals.   This   book   is   a   very   informative   read.   The   reader   can   tell   that   the author   put   much   thought   and   preparation   when   writing   this   book.   Not   only   did   the   author   use   the   typical   records,   but   she   also   uses FBI   documents,   stories   from   the   newspaper,   magazine   articles,   and   other   resources.   Reading   what   the   media   had   written   during this   part   of   history   made   this   book   even   more   interesting.   It   actually   seemed   to   put   the   reader   back   in   time   to   the   1930s.   The   book has an excellent flow to it. This is one of those books that really makes a person want to read more nonfiction. This   is   a   great   book   for   those   who   love   the   era   of   gangs   and   mobsters. This   book   covers   who   the   people   were,   their   crimes   (which   it goes   in   depth   of   the   kidnapping   of   Urschel),   the   capture,   the   pursuit,   their   trial,   and   so   forth.   The   author   did   a   great   job   with   this book. This book is one I highly recommend to those who love this time period. This is a five out of five star book.  I received this book from iRead Book Tours for an honest review. 5 out of 5 stars    -  A must read for history bluffs ( Review posted in )   Format: Paperback By Mason Canyon  on May 12, 2016 The   Prohibition   era   is   filled   with   gangsters   and   their   exploits,   but   little   is   known   about   most   of   the   women   in   their   lives.   Author Barbara   Casey   changes   that   for   George   “Machine   Gun”   Kelly   by   telling   the   story   of   his   last   wife,   Kathryn   (Cleo   Lera   Mae   Brooks) Kelly. The   story   tells   of   Kathryn’s   marriages   and   daughter   before   she   and   George   Kelly   got   together.   From   there   it   follows   her   travels   and activities with Kelly until their capture and conviction. It also describes her incarceration and a bit about her life after prison. The   author   shares   the   various   accounts   of   Kathryn’s   actions   during   the   numerous   crimes,   as   well   as   her   persona   during   the   trial. The   author   takes   readers   on   the   road   with   the   couple   through   her   detailed   descriptions.   Readers   learn   Kathryn   gave   Kelly   his   first machine gun and built him up to be the notorious gangster people came to fear. Easy   to   follow,   the   story   is   well   balanced   with   an   epilogue   and   notes   of   interest   to   round   out   all   those   involved.   KATHRYN   KELLY    is a must read for history buffs and fans of true crime. FTC   Full   Disclosure   A   copy   of   this   book   was   sent   to   me   by   the   author   as   part   of   her   blog   tour   in   hopes   I   would   review   it.   However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely. 5 out of 5 stars  -  So Interesting  ( Review posted in )   Format: Paperback By Margaret Tidwell  -  The World As I See It  on May 13, 2016 Kathryn   Kelly:    The   Moll   Behind   “Machine   Gun”   Kelly   by   Barbara   Casey   was   a   fascinating   book.   I   enjoyed   this   book   because   they focused   on   the   facts   and   didn’t   spend   time   talking   about   things   that   didn’t   matter.   I   how   well   this   book   flowed,   and   they   only   included events   you   had   to   know   and   left   out   all   the   other   stuff   that   other   authors   include   in   their   books   sometime.   I   also   loved   that   the   author would   tell   you   something   and   if   it   wasn’t   100%   confirmed   she   would   just   say   that   it   is   what   was   said,   but   she   couldn’t   find   out   if   it were   a   fact   or   not.   This   book   was   a   super   easy   to   read,   and   I   loved   that   the   font   in   this   book   was   bigger   than   some   others   I   have read   lately.   I   can’t   say   enough   great   things   about   this   book   because   I   love   reading   books   that   teach   me   things   and   this   book   is   one of those types of books. If you love crime novels or biography’s, then I would tell you to pick up this book and check it out. FTC:   I   received   a   free   copy   of   this   book   from   iRead   in   exchange   for   my   honest   review.   I   received   no   other   compensation   and   the opinions expressed in this review are one hundred percent true and my own. 5 out of 5 stars  -  She had more guts than "Machine Gun" Kelly himself... (Review posted in  Format: Paperback By Gaucho  on May 6, 2016 Format: Paperback Little   has   been   known   about   the   woman   who   created   the   frightening   reputation   of   “Machine   Gun”   Kelly   until   now.   Through painstaking   research,   her   wonderful   writing   style,   and   meticulous   attention   to   detail,   author   Barbara   Casey   has   written   a   superb work   of   nonfiction   that   introduces   the   reader   to   the   woman   “behind   Machine   Gun   Kelly”   -   Kathryn .   For   all   who   are   interested   in true crime, history, and the “gangster era,”  Kathryn Kelly: The Moll behind Machine Gun Kelly, is a must read…
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