Barbara Casey Agency LEILANI ZAN  ISBN #: 978-1555234058							 Young Adult Novel PUBLISHER: James C Winston Publishing Co.	     Contemporary Suspense, Family Life  SCBWI Golden Kite Award Nominee. National Association of University Women Literary Award Nominee.
(...Sweet Leilani, heavenly flower...I forget about being nervous. I forget about having the only blue eyes in the eighth grade. And I forget about Court's father...) Alexandra Britt has recently moved from Virginia to Hawaii where her father is stationed in the Marine Corps. She hates the heat, the bugs, and the students, with the exception of her one friend, Judy. After the tragedy of a classmate involves Zan, she becomes determined to adjust to her school and surroundings. Leilani Zan is a tender and humorous story of a young girl who learns to work through the difficulties and challenges found with life in a military family.
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Leilani Zan
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