This was Hemingway Bogart (Sep-1998 - Mar-2012), my companion while I wrote and inspiration for my story, The Gift (featured in DOG FANCY MAGAZINE, December 2000).
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Barbara Casey Agency Miscellaneous
Fitz, a miniature dachshund and the one with the buoyant character. He is about 9 years old.
Gert, a Jack Russell Terrier of sorts and a bit of an introvert.  She is about 12 years old.
This is Benton, the hound mix who adopted us when we moved to a mountain in Georgia…  He is about 8 years old, he showed up a cold and rainy day in March of 2009. The poor guy was cold, wet, hungry and so skinny that you could see all his ribs He is a great guard dog, also very inteligent and “woods savy” He takes care of us and the other dogs and herds us all as if we were sheep.