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“Well,   hello,   stranger.   This   is   a   nice   surprise.   I   have   been   thinking   about   you.”   She   smiled   her   brilliant smile and kissed him lightly on his lips. “We   have   to   talk,”   said   Tyler   taking   her   by   her   arm   and   pushing   her   back   into   her   office.   “What   in   the world were you thinking?” “What’s wrong with you? I don’t know what you are talking about.” The expression on her face told him that she did. “You plagiarized THEN THERE WAS LIGHT . I read the synopsis, so don’t deny it.” “Now, listen, Tyler…” ISBN #: 978-1595071361          Placed in nomination for: PULITZER AWARD.                Novel PUBLISHER: ArcheBooks Publishing                   Contemporary Suspense/Mystery
Shyla tries to cheerfully accept the responsibilities that come with a new marriage and the inevitable adjustments, but the stress from it is leaving her with constant migraines, a lack of energy, and, worst of all, an inability to write. While she is in Naples, Florida, teaching a creative writing course, Shyla becomes intrigued with a student’s manuscript, THE IMMIGRANT, about Cuban refugees who bring the ancient beliefs of Regla de Ocha to America. Then the ideas in the manuscript start influencing her life. Will Shyla need to lose her life to regain her self? ISBN #: 978-1890109783            2013 IPPY Book Award - BEST NOVEL.                        Novel PUBLISHER: Crossquarter Publishing   Contemporary Suspense, Paranormal, Gothic Romance
Bowls had been emptied, boxes poured out, everything had been taken out of the refrigerator and dumped on the floor. I felt cereal crunch beneath my feet. All the cabinet doors were open and cans of food were everywhere. In the middle of it all was Grandma. "I was looking for the Jello," she said cheerfully. I opened the refrigerator door. One dish remained. It was the Jello. ISBN #: 978-1555234065  Young Adult Novel PUBLISHER: James C Winston Publishing Co.        Contemporary Suspense, Family Life
Alexandra Britt has recently moved from Virginia to Hawaii where her father is stationed in the Marine Corps. She hates the heat, the bugs, and the students, with the exception of her one friend, Judy. After the tragedy of a classmate involves Zan, she becomes determined to adjust to her school and surroundings. Leilani Zan is a tender and humorous story of a young girl who learns to work through the difficulties and challenges found with life in a military family. ISBN #: 978-1555234058  Young Adult Novel PUBLISHER: James C Winston Publishing Co.      Contemporary Suspense, Family Life
All   in   one   day,   thirty-five-year-old   Hallie   Marsh   learns   that   the   man   she   loves,   works   for,   and   is   living with   has   found   someone   else—and   that   she   no   longer   has   a   job,   a   place   to   live,   or   a   car   since   she crashed   it   into   a   hedge.      Her   feelings   of   rage   and   desire   for   revenge   are   soon   replaced   by   a   fascination with   her   new   neighbors—four   peculiar,   elderly   people   who   decide   to   buy   an   old   run-down   estate,   fix   it up, and live in it “just like family.” ISBN #: 978-193330740            Novel PUBLISHER: Wandering Sage Publishing Group        Contemporary Suspense, Family Life
Just Like Family The Cadence of Gypsies Three high-spirited 17 year olds, with intelligence quotients in the genius range, accompany their teacher and mentor, Carolina Lovel, to Frascati, Italy, a few weeks before they are to graduate from Wood Rose Orphanage and Academy for Young Women.        ISBN #: 978-0982081280							Novel, Young AdultPUBLISHER: Gauthier Publications					         Adventure/Suspense
The   Gospel   According   to   Prissy   is   a   fascinating   story   populated   with   memorable   characters.   Three Army   veteran   misfits,   a   college   dropout,   an   unmotivated   high   school   graduate   accused   of   murder,   a controversial   warden   of   a   women's   prison,   and   a   little   girl   with   the   gift   of   prophesy   -   these   are   the people   31-year-old   Lara   Kruger   invites   into   her   life   after   suffering   a   miscarriage,   a   divorce   from   an abusive   husband,   and   unemployment. The   Gospel According   to   Prissy   will   make   you   laugh   and   cry   and you will no doubt be entertained 2013 IPPY Book Award - BEST REGIONAL FICTION .        Placed in nomination for PULITZER AWARD. ISBN #: 970985244026                                 Novel PUBLISHER: Strategic Media Books       Contemporary Suspense, Family Life
The Gospel According to Prissy The Gospel According to Prissy Award or Mention Award or Mention Award or Mention Award or Mention IPPY 2013 Living Now Award Award or Mention
Kathryn   Kelly:   The   Moll   Behind   Machine   Gun   Kelly   is   a   biography   of   the   woman   who   made   a   career   of crime.   With   a   lust   for   danger,   she   masterminded   the   crimes   that   took   her   and   her   husband,   and   others who   included   her   own   mother   and   stepfather,   on   a   spree   across   Minnesota,   Tennessee,   Oklahoma, and   Texas.   Starting   with   smaller   crimes   that   included   bootlegging,   smuggling   liquor   onto   an   Oklahoma Indian   reservation,   and   other   petty   crimes,   she   encouraged   her   husband,   George   Barnes   aka   George Kelly,   toward   a   life   of   more   serious   criminal   activity   that   eventually   escalated   into   bank   robberies, kidnapping   and   extortion.   Many   believe   that   it   was   Kathryn,   after   giving   him   a   machine   gun,   who developed   George's   feared   persona   and   the   name   of   Machine   Gun   Kelly.   FBI   Director   J.   Edgar   Hoover was   even   convinced   that   the   two   were   somehow   connected   in   the   Lindbergh   kidnapping.   Kathryn   and Machine   Gun   Kelly   were   eventually   captured   after   kidnapping   Charles   Urschel,   a   wealthy   Oklahoma City   oilman,   and   collecting   a   $200,000   ransom   the   largest   ransom   ever   paid   at   that   time.   Eventually, the two were captured in Memphis, where Kelly had grown up as a boy. ISBN #: 978-1-939521-49-1 True Crime PUBLISHER: Strategic Media Books. Biography    
Kathryn Kelly BestBooks of2013So Far Award or Mention The Coach's Wife Another deafening roar exploded from the coliseum, and when it did Marla threw down her partially-smoked cigarette and ground it into the polished tile floor with the toe of her shoe.  Quickly she reached for another cigarette from the opened pack in her small red handbag.  She lit it, sucked the smoke into her mouth, held her breath, coughed, and then slowly released it.  Marla didn't smoke, but when she paced up and down the hallways of basketball coliseums, puffing on cigarettes seemed appropriate.  It gave her something to do with her hands, and it helped keep her sane.”  ISBN #: 978-1595070425								            Novel PUBLISHER: ArcheBooks Publishing			            Contemporary Suspense/Mystery Award or Mention
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Honorable Mention for Young Adult Mysteryin the Readers’ Favorite Award
Seventeen-year-old   Dara   Roux   and   her   two   best   friends,   Mackenzie   Yarborough   and   Jennifer   Torres, the   three   collectively   referred   to   as   the   F.I.G.'s   (Females   of   Intellectual   Genius)   because   each   has   an intelligence   quotient   in   the   genius   range,   have   just   returned   from   Frascati,   Italy.   It   was   there   that   their much   loved   teacher   and   mentor,   Carolina   Lovel,   discovered   that   her   birth   parents   were   gypsies,   and that   she   had   a   connection   to   the   Voynich   Manuscript,   the   most   mysterious   document   in   the   world. Now,   with   graduation   from   Wood   Rose   Orphanage   and   Academy   for   Young   Women   behind   them, Dara   asks   her   friends   to   help   her   locate   her   birth   mother   when   she   learns   that   she   might   be   living   in New York City.
The Wish Rider The Wish Rider
ISBN #sPaperback - 978-942314288, Hardcover - 978-1-942314318, e-Book - 978-1-942314-38 
                                                                                                                                Novel, Young Adult PUBLISHER: Gauthier Publications                           Adventure/Suspense
In   1977,   after   numerous   trials   for   murder,   attempted   murder,   armed   robbery,   bank   robbery,   and kidnapping—all   eventually   leading   to   acquittals   or   dismissals—Assata   Shakur   aka   JoAnne   Deborah Chesimard   was   found   guilty   of   the   murder   of   New   Jersey   State   Trooper   Werner   Foerster   and   the grievous   assault   of Trooper   James   Harper.   Convicted   to   life   plus   33   years,   Shakur   escaped   two   years later   from   the   Clinton   Facility   for   Women   and   fled   to   Cuba   where   she   has   lived   in   exile   ever   since. Assata   Shakur:   A   20 th    Century   Escaped   Slave   is   the   story   of   one   of   FBI’s   “Most   Wanted   Terrorists” before she became a fugitive and since.
 ISBN-13:  978-1939521606                   Book Excellence Award: FINALIST  2017 Publisher: Strategic Media Books
True Crime Biography