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THE CADENCE OF GYPSIES - Book 1 of The F.I.G. Mysteries
ISBN #: 978-0982081280  Novel, Young Adult PUBLISHER: Gauthier Publications                                   Adventure/Suspense          
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Three   high-spirited   17   year   olds,   with   intelligence   quotients   in   the   genius   range,   accompany   their   teacher   and   mentor,   Carolina Lovel, to Frascati, Italy, a few weeks before they are to graduate from Wood Rose Orphanage and Academy for Young Women. Carolina's   purpose   in   planning   the   trip   is   to   remove   her   gifted,   creative   students   from   the   Wood   Rose   campus   located   in   Raleigh, North   Carolina,   so   they   can't   cause   any   more   problems   ("expressions   of   creativity")   for   the   headmaster,   faculty   and   other students   -   which   they   do   with   regularity.   Carolina   also   wants   to   visit   the   Villa   Mondragone   where   the   Voynich   Manuscript ,   the most   mysterious   document   in   the   world,   was   first   discovered,   and   also   search   how   it   is   related   to   a   paper   written   in   the   same script   she   received   on   her   18th   birthday   when   she   was   told   that   she   was   adopted   -   a   search   that   will   fill   in   all   the   missing   pieces of her past and help each of her students to discover something meaningful within themselves.
Bravo! What a lovely and enthralling book! Not only is it entertaining but also quite educational!  A truly great work! Dr. John Monaco, MD Co-Author, Too Small to be Big
I   am   not   a   YA   (Young Adult),   but   I   came   across   The   Cadence   of   Gypsies   through   my      granddaughter   who   seemed   to   be   glued   to   it until   she   finished   reading      it.   When   I   asked   her   what   it   was   all   about   she   said,   "Grandpa   you   can      read   it   too."   Not   one   to   pass   up   a book, I started reading it, and  reading it, and reading it... Never wanted to put it down!  I   read   the      whole   thing   in   one   seating   stopping   only   for   lunch   and   dinner.   This   is      the   most   mesmerizing   book   that   has   come   my way   in   a   long   time.   The   story   line,   the   mysteries,   the   characters   all   transported   me   to   an   orphanage      school   in   North   Carolina   and a little village in Italy, places where  this wonderful and human story develops... A must read for any age... ALJFER  Blog Commenter in 
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The   Cadence   of   Gypsies    was   written   for   young   adults.   However,   this   old   adult   loved   it.   To   me,   the   book   has   rhyme   and   cadence like   a   song   being   interwoven,   its   parts   coming   from   seemingly   unintended   attributes.   Yes,   a   Deceptive   cadence   which   does   not resolve   itself   until   the   end.   Or   perhaps   the   analogy   would   be   Scrabble.   Author   Barbara   Casey   has   truly   fitted   parts   in   a   way   that challenge   the   reader.   Plus   she   uses   her   writing   skill   to   entice   and   elicit   inquiry   and   research.   "Why?"   you   question   as   you   hurry   to turn   the   page   only   to   be   presented   with   another   "Why?"   Little   by   little,   the   parts   fit.   The   diagram   takes   shape.   While   all   the   intrigue is   going   on,   the   reader   is   loving   (or   loathing)   the   characters,   sympathizing,   recognizing,   or   qualifying   each   person   as   he   and   she   is presented. To   the   delight   of   this   reader,   in   addition   to   the   construction,   this   wonderful   book   incorporates   places,   names   and   facts. The   Voynich Manuscript   is   real.   The   famous   vineyards   and   territory   of   Frascati   and   the   historic   Villa   Mondragone   are   beautifully   and   well depicted.   The   story   evolves   while   being   nourished   by   historical   and   relevant   data   including   musical,   mathematical,   and   artistic references thanks to the three FIGS (females of intellectual genius). Yes,   The   Cadence   of   Gypsies   is   a   book   to   share   with   all   members   of   the   family   and   one   to   add   to   the   Classics   in   our   libraries. Thank you, Barbara Casey. Patricia Daly-Lipe Author, Myth, Magic and Metaphor, Nature’s Wisdom and La Jolla: A Celebration of Its Past President of the National League of American Pen Women, Washington, DC. Carolina   was   taken   from   her   gypsy   mother   at   a   young   age   and   sent   to     American   where   she   was   adopted. At   eighteen   her   adoptive parents   give      her   a   box.   Inside   this   box   Carolina   discovers   the   truth   about   her   birth,   that   she   was   adopted,   and   with   help   from   her boyfriend,   they   begin      research   in   finding   out   who   Carolina   really   is.   With   the   odd   items   in      the   box,   she   finds   an   old   paper   w/   script that matches an ancient  manuscript that scholars can't even decipher. After   graduating   college,   Carolina   takes   a   job   at   a   girl's   academy      for   orphaned   children.   There   she   in   put   in   charge   of   three   gifted girls      that   are   more   of   a   detriment   than   a   blessing   to   the   school.   When   the      girls   play   a   prank   that   goes   to   far,   Carolina   offers   to   take the   girls      with   her   on   a   trip   to   Italy.   There   Carolina   will   begin   her   search   for      her   birth   family.   To   her   pleasant   surprise   the   girls   are able to pull  their gifts together in assisting their mentor. Lyuba   has   never   gotten   over   the   fact   that   her   small   child   was   taken      from   her   and   sent   off   to America   to   be   adopted.   Day   after   day she   lives      alone   as   a   widowed   gypsy   and   collects   herbs   to   make   remedies   that   she      sells   to   the   public.   Being   very   talented,   she also   has   other   gifts.   In      the   band   of   gypsies   she   travels   with,   she   also   teaches   the   children      these   special   gifts.   But   there   is   one child who uses the knowledge he  has been taught to harm those around him. This   book   is   full   of   twist   that   keeps   you   turning   pages.   I   thought      it   clever   how   everyone   played   an   important   role   in   each   others lives. A  fun and enjoyable read! Carrie Filetti "littlebrownbird"  Reader (Amazon)
Barbara   Casey’s   richly   crafted   novel,   The   Cadence   of   Gypsies,   moves   with   ease   between   an   orphanage-school   in   North   Carolina and   an   old   catholic   church   villa   and   a   gypsy   camp   south   of   Rome.      Three   senior   girls   from   the   school   assist   the   novel’s   central figure,   the   gifted   young   teacher   Carolina,   in   untangling   the   fascinating   but   mysterious   background   of   her   own   hitherto   unknown family.      Casey’s   fast-moving   narrative   peeps   into   the   sometimes   enchanting,   sometimes   dark   world   of   gypsy   lore   of   herbs, blessings,    and    curses.        Narrative    and    colourful    personalities    are    woven    together    skilfully,    providing    an    excellent    read,    an emotionally and intellectually stimulating story of romance, discovery, and reunion. David Aikman Award-winning print and broadcast journalist, best-selling author, and foreign affairs commentator
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The   Cadence   of   Gypsies   by   Barbara   Casey   is   a   story   of   intrigue   that   unravels   slowly   when   Carolina   Lovel   finds   out   that   she   is adopted.   She   learns   this   at   the   age   of   eighteen   when   her   adoptive   parents   give   her   a   box.   Inside   she   finds   a   letter   written   by   her mother   in   some   unknown   language.   Carolina   decides   to   find   out   more   about   her   past   and   she   travels   to   Italy   to   do   just   that.   She also   takes   three   girls   from   the   orphanage   where   she   is   working   with   her   on   the   trip.   The   journey   sees   them   traveling   into   the mysterious world of gypsies and their traditions. These three girls also prove to be helpful to Caroline on the trip. The   plot   has   many   twists   and   turns   that   make   it   a   compelling   as   well   as   a   captivating   read. The   story   has   been   developed   cleverly and   all   the   characters   complement   each   other   beautifully.   The   gypsies   provide   an   element   of   mystery,   magic   and   enchantment   to the   story.   Carolina's   love   interest   also   plays   an   important   role.   The   story   has   many   colorful   characters   whose   histories   are   woven into   each   other   with   a   subtle   cadence   and   rhythm   that   makes   it   an   interesting   read.   The   old   Catholic   Church,   the   orphanage school   in   North   Carolina   and   the   gypsy   camp   near   Rome   are   all   fascinating   subjects.   The   ancient   manuscript   which   Carolina   gets from   the   box   is   equally   mysterious   and   makes   the   story   intriguing.   I   would   recommend   this   book   because   it   interesting,   colorful and clever. Reviewed by: Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite
Honorable Mention for Young Adult Mystery in the  Readers’ Favorite Award
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***** 5 stars By Carla on April 26, 2016 An   intense   and   mysterious   story   of   a   young   gifted   woman   who   sees   so   much   of   herself   in   the   young,   talented   but   often   misunderstood   FIGs.   It is   with   the   help   of   these   young   girls,   that   Carolina   sets   out   on   a   trip   to   discover   her   past,   her   story   and   in   turn   her   future.   Each   FIG   has   been blessed   with   a   special   skill   that   is   essential   to   uncovering   Carolina's   past   but   it   is   Carolina's   love   for   them   which   helps   give   guide   and   motivate them to help her. We   have   this   tied   into   the   mystical   and   misunderstood   world   of   gypsies   and   their   traditions   that   really   takes   this   novel   to   a   new   level.   Carolina's Mom   is   a   powerful   yet   gentle   and   kind   woman   who   would   do   anything   for   her   daughter.   Each   one   of   the   characters   in   this   story   you   feel   as though you get to know them intimately and the way their lives and paths cross is amazing. I   loved   the   history   in   this   novel,   the   look   into   the   gypsy   culture   from   a   place   of   understanding   and   appreciation,   as   well   as   the   wrong   fear   that many   had   of   gypsy   cultures. The   story   itself   was   very   unique   in   the   way   it   was   told,   it   was   just   not   a   simple   adopted   young   girl   searching   for   her birth   mother,   instead   it   was   layers   of   history   and   storytelling   of   lives   that   brings   the   story   to   life.   The   Cadence   of   Gypsies   is   a   truly   unique   and special story that you will love over and over. ***** 5 stars By Dhivya Balaji / Readers Muse on May 21, 2016 REVIEW: Kud ce vjestica do u svoj rod? (Where should a gypsy go if not to her kin?) From   this   quote   on   the   very   first   page   before   the   prologue,   the   book   drew   me   in.   A   woman's   search   for   her   biological   parent   is   bringing   her back   home   -   something   that   is   true   to   all   cultures. The   book   showed   an   eerie   familiarity   with   me   in   the   way   it   ended   the   first   chapter   -   all   was   as it should be - something in those words rang a bell, and signalled that I was in for some more magic! On   one   hand,   we   have   Carolina,   a   teacher   who   learnt   that   she   had   been   adopted   as   a   baby.   She   learns   this   life   changing   secret   at   18,   and   as is   sort   of   a   norm   in   YA   novels,   she   is   made   aware   of   this   fact   by   a   letter   in   an   indecipherable   language.   Determined   to   go   in   search   of   her biological   parents,   Carolina   is   waiting   for   a   chance.   On   the   other   end   there   are   three   girls,   on   the   brink   of   their   graduation,   having   a   lot   of   time and energy in their hands - at least enough to pull pranks on those around them. Carolina   finds   a   job   at   a   school   for   gifted   children.   She   watches   the   acutely   intelligent   girls'   pranks   going   overboard   and   decides   to   take   the girls   on   an   adventure,   hoping   that   their   superior   intelligence   and   capabilities   would   help   her   on   her   quest   to   find   her   biological   parents.   The story   takes   us   on   a   beautiful   journey   from   then   on,   full   of   secrets,   history   and   folklore,   with   the   twists   coming   one   after   another.   The   book   is   a page   turner,   having   no   real   slackening   moments.   The   characters   are   well   developed,   many   of   them   etched   in   my   memory   for   some   time   to come. The book ended sooner than I would have liked it to, and that is saying something! I   guess   I   expected   a YA   story   to   be   targetted   at   that   age   group   of   audience.   But The   Cadence   of   Gypsies   surprised   me,   and   made   me   thankful, yet   again,   that   I   don't   choose   books   based   on   their   target   audience   alone.   This   book   will   delight   young   and   old   readers   alike.   I   liked   many things   about   the   story.   Be   it   the   young   and   enthusiastic   gifted   teenage   girls   who   realise   the   importance   of   pulling   their   gifts   together   to   help their   teacher,   or   the   young   Carolina   and   her   search   for   her   biological   parents,   or   the   resilient   aged   gypsy   woman   who   does   not   let   the   sadness of   losing   her   child   to   adoption   affect   her   purpose   of   life   but   still   yearns   and   aches   for   her   -   every   character   is   strong,   well   developed   and touches the reader's heart. And the symbiotic way in which they all help each other somehow makes the book an even more engaging read. I   loved   how   the   book   traversed   from   North   Carolina   to   the   sleepy   yet   happening   Italian   village   and   how   her   description   of   Gypsies   and   their folklore   seemed   so   detailed   and   enticing.   I   have   not   read   a   detailed   book   on   this   culture   before,   and   I   am   glad   I   started   with   this   book   because it somehow made me love the culture - and that is the power of the story, and Ms. Casey's words! Would definitely read more books by her. When   a   book   makes   you   want   to   read   more   works   of   the   author   and   about   the   culture   she   has   based   the   book   on,   you   know   that   book   has enthralled you!