THE COACH’S WIFE  SBN #: 978-1595070425								           Novel PUBLISHER: ArcheBooks Publishing			            Contemporary Suspense/Mystery  2004 Dana Award for Outstanding Novel, Semifinalist.
Marla   Connors,   recently   married   to   head   basketball   coach   Neal   Connors,   travels   with   her   husband   to Albuquerque,   New   Mexico, where   the   State   University   Coyote   team   is   playing   in   the   NCAA   Finals.      Marla   has   not   been   accepted   by   the   Co-Yotes,   that   loyal bunch   of   fans   who   follows   the   university   team,   partly   because   she   is   almost   twenty   years   younger   than   Coach   Connors   and   a divorcée,   but   also   because   the   fans   are   afraid   she   will   distract   her   husband   from   his   duties   as   head   coach.      They   see   her   as someone   who   married   Coach   Connors   just   for   his   money.      Only   Gale,   the   older   wife   of   assistant   coach   Stu   Simmons,   goes   out of her way to be a friend to Marla. The   Coyote   team   is   plagued   with   problems   from   the   very   beginning   of   the   season,   and   when   they   finally   manage   to   reach   the NCAA   Finals,   it's   even   worse.      Their   center   is   caught   using   drugs, Athletics   Director   Charlie   Morgan,   who   is   also   in Albuquerque for   the   games,   makes   a   pass   at   Marla   in   her   hotel   room,   and   Coach   Connors   comes   down   with   the   flu.      No   one   believes   that State can win the big game. With   so   much   happening,   Marla   can't   shake   the   feeling   that   something   evil   is   taking   over   her   life.      She   tries   to   convince   herself that   it   is   emotional   anxiety   left   over   from   the   abuse   she   experienced   during   her   first   marriage   to   Dr.   Martin Andrews   and   that   the stress   from   the   tournament   has   brought   it   once   again   to   the   surface.      She   soon   learns,   however,   that   the   evil   is   real   and   it threatens not only everything she loves, but her very life. Illegal   drugs,   illicit   affairs,   murder,   and   scandal   that   shakes   the   entire   university   system   are   woven   inextricably   into   Marla’s   life until   eventually   she   comes   face   to   face   with   her   real   tormentor.      It   is   only   then   that   she   realizes   the   full   depth   of   her   love   for   her husband--and his love for her.
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The Coach's Wife combines the thrill of an unforgettable Division One college basketball final with university politics, steamy sex and murder. Amidst page after page of the heart-pounding novel,Barbara Casey portrays vivid scenes of the North Carolina landscape. A mystery not to be missed. Mark Jacoby, Author, Path to Arequipa and as a Reviewer in  Rated it a 5.0 out of 5 stars Twists, turns, and heart-stopping fast-break excitement! No, it's not college basketball's national championship game, but instead "The Coach's Wife." Barbara's unique insight into the behind-the-scenes workings of college athletics combined with her extraordinary talents as a writer makes this book a must-read! Enjoy. Mark McKay CNN Sports I just finished The Coach's Wife, and it was great! I really felt like I knew the characters by the end. And I believe all great fiction is character driven. The scene where Marla is describing the trip to the island to her friend, Gale, (actually taking her there in her mind) while she lay beside her in bed, dying, is one of the most powerful scenes I have ever read...beautiful.   Thanks for the great read! John Monaco, MD Critical Care Pediatrician Author , Slim and Fit Kids and Moondance to Eternity The Coach's Wife is “Brilliant and heart-pounding!” Simon Coe Author, Justice Comes On Friday The Coach's Wife is "Outstanding!" Howard Fried Publisher, Woodfield Publishing Aviator, Author, Basketball Fan, and Avid Reader of Popular Fiction A slam dunk! A NCAA basketball game is the thrilling opener of The Coach's Wife but the behind the scenes jockeying for power is even more of a trip. Coach Neal Connors leads his underdog team to a coveted national championship, but his glorious moment is soon shattered. Connors and his young wife, Marla, face charges of malfeasance and a ruinous murder trial. The resolution of this taut suspense thriller plays out as fast as any action you'll see in the gym. Sara L. Williams "mysteryfreak", Reviewer in Rated it a 5.0 out of 5 stars Barbara Casey has done it again! In a mystery filled with twists and turns, Ms. Casey brings to life the NCAA Basketball Championship against a backdrop of university scandal and romance.  This is a one-sitting book, I was unable to put it down!  Like her previous novel, "Shyla's Initiative" the suspense in "The Coach's Wife" is topped off with a great ending... “Sports Fan”, Reviewer in  Rated it a 5.0 out of 5 stars
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