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Barbara Casey has again kept me glued to a book which I could not put down and had to keep on reading to find out what would come next… In her just released The Gospel According to Prissy, she created a wonderful novel with unforgettable characters and a believable plot. Her clear and concise writing style makes you live the emotions of the events as they unfold.  Prissy, with the insight and wisdom that Barbara Casey has imparted to her, is an unforgettable character in Contemporary American literature.  Gaucho "AJF" - A reader,   From concern and fear for the protagonist and the mystery surrounding characters' motives, to delight in the wise words of a young child, Barbara Casey’s latest book, The Gospel According to Prissy, will permeate the inner voice of every reader .… During and after the tensions of the tale, in the end, this book will touch your heart. Patricia Daly-Lipe – Author,  A Cruel Calm; Past President of the National League of American Pen Women-La Jolla Branch and Washington, DC Branch The Gospel According to Prissy takes the reader on a trip through a time and place where a child, born and raised in a prison, has the ability to change people and their environments. A child prophet, Prissy makes the bad in the world go away…and one small rural North Carolina town is made right by Prissy, Santa, the Easter Bunny and other characters in the child’s mind. An entertaining and thoughtful read. Jake George – Author, Grandfather’s Song, A New Dawn  Barbara Casey has assembled an engaging ensemble cast of characters.  I got to know them as friends and couldn't turn the pages fast enough as their lives became inextricably intertwined amidst life's challenges and choices. John DeDakis – Author, Fast Track, Bluff; CNN Senior Copy Editor ("The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer") Barbara Casey grips the reader from the very first pages of The Gospel According to Prissy and doesn’t let go. The inside look at a women’s prison is riveting and the stories of so many—inside and those going in—put real faces on offenders that are usually no more than statistics. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll sit on the edge of your seat through this compelling novel. P M Terrell – Author, River Passage, Vicki’s Key; Co-Founder of Book ‘Em Foundation. Because of the problems we all face it can seem almost impossible to see your way through a challenge or difficulty. What has been great for me as a reader is being able to take works of fiction and see the truth for all of that is not only entertaining but full of lessons. THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO PRISSY is one of those books. Written by author Barbara Casey we are introduced to a young girl named Prissy who many would see as lost. She was born in a situation that was bleak yet she is able to remind those around her of the power of faith and what it takes in order to make it. No one is too high or low that God's love and grace can't reach them, and through simple lessons with a powerful message Prissy is able to get through to even the toughest of individuals. What Casey has done in this book is remind us of the child-like faith that is required for all of us. Maybe we don't see our way through what we are facing, but that doesn't mean we should give up. No matter who we are there is still hope, and that hope rests in something larger than ourselves and any challenge we might meet. Get ready to laugh,smile and be renewed. THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO PRISSY is going to give you characters and a story you won't soon forget. Cyrus A. Webb, Radio Host, “Conversations Live (The Gospel According to Prissy picked for 2013 Best Summer Reads, “Conversations Book Club”) Barbara Casey’s novel, The Gospel According to Prissy, is about prisons, both with and without bars. Laramie (Lara) is in her own private prison. A victim of an abusive relationship, she realizes that she must take desperate steps in order to survive. Warden Miriam Temple has dedicated her life to improving the lives of the women residing at Braden Women’s Prison in North Carolina, foregoing any personal interests or interactions. Lastly, Prissy is born to an inmate at Braden. From the beginning, she was a light in the darkness of the prison system. She is precocious and beyond her young years in intelligence. Intuitively, she knows when an inmate needs comforting and knows just what to say. She frequently quotes appropriate passages of scripture with an interesting Prissy twist. Being set free is both literal and figurative in this fast-paced novel. The Gospel According to Prissy is a wonderful tale of three characters, whose lives seem impossibly different, that author Barbara Casey weaves masterfully together in a beautiful story. I loved this book. The plot alternated from one main character to the next from chapter to chapter until they began to overlap. Prissy was delightful. This character was very believable even though she did things that were not ordinary. Casey skilfully added humor to soften the child that was wise beyond her years. It was amusing to see Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny playing a part in her world – and it worked. This book is original and interesting. I had to keep reading “just one more chapter” late into the evening. Reviewed by: Laura Hartman for Readers' Favorite
ISBN #: 970985244026                                Novel PUBLISHER: Strategic Media Books     Contemporary Suspense, Family Life 2013 IPPY Book Award - BEST REGIONAL FICTION. Placed in nomination for the PULITZER AWARD
The Gospel According to Prissy is a fascinating story populated with memorable characters. Three Army veteran misfits, a college dropout, an unmotivated high school graduate accused of murder, a controversial warden of a women's prison, and a little girl with the gift of prophesy - these are the people 31-year-old Lara Kruger invites into her life after suffering a miscarriage, a divorce from an abusive husband, and unemployment. The Gospel According to Prissy will make you laugh and cry and you will no doubt be entertained.
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