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THE WISH RIDER - Book 2 of TThe F.I.G. Mysteries 
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Seventeen-year-old   Dara   Roux   and   her   two   best   friends,   Mackenzie   Yarborough   and   Jennifer   Torres,   the   three   collectively   referred   to   as   the F.I.G.'s   (Females   of   Intellectual   Genius)   because   each   has   an   intelligence   quotient   in   the   genius   range,   have   just   returned   from   Frascati,   Italy.   It was   there   that   their   much   loved   teacher   and   mentor,   Carolina   Lovel,   discovered   that   her   birth   parents   were   gypsies,   and   that   she   had   a connection   to   the   Voynich   Manuscript,   the   most   mysterious   document   in   the   world.   Now,   with   graduation   from   Wood   Rose   Orphanage   and Academy   for   Young   Women   behind   them,   Dara   asks   her   friends   to   help   her   locate   her   birth   mother   when   she   learns   that   she   might   be   living   in New York City. Relying   on   Dara’s   gift   for   speaking   and   understanding   foreign   languages,   the   black   and   white   images   that   stir   musical   cadences   in   Jennifer’s mind,   and   Mackenzie’s   mathematical   calculations   that   normally   provide   numerical   solutions   and   answers   to   life’s   most   difficult   questions,   the determined   young   women   tirelessly   go   from   one   address   to   another   in   search   of   Dara’s   mother.   Their   determination   turns   to   desperation, however,   as   they   encounter   a   dark   hidden   society   more   dangerous   and   terrifying   than   they   could   have   imagined.   It   is   there   that   Dara   hopes   to find out why she was abandoned in a candy store all those years ago.
***** 5 stars By Merrci on August 17, 2016 There   is   something   so   welcoming   and   endearing   about   this   series   written   by   Barbara   Casey.   The   setting,   the   characters,   individually   and together,   their   intelligence.   As   with   the   first   book   in   the   series,   The   Cadence   of   Gypsies,   I   enjoyed   The   Wish   Rider   so   much.   Written   for   young adults   and   adults,   both   will   enjoy   the   writer’s   way   with   words,   the   descriptive   scenes.   Ms.   Casey   connects   you   with   the   characters   quickly   so that   you   want   to   know   more.It   is   more   than   that   though.   The   intrigue,   when   searching   for   hidden   meanings   or   a   missing   person,   draws   you   in. The   relationship   the   three   girls   have   with   each   other   and   Caroline   inspire   loyalty   as   well   as   friendship.   Watching   the   three   young   geniuses   find solutions   to   problems   and   answers   to   clues   is   interesting   and   amusing   at   the   same   time.   It’s   fascinating   to   see   them   use   their   unusual   skills   with mathematics, music, and languages to find answers.I loved it. You will enjoy it as a stand alone, but it’s a series you should start from the beginning to learn how the adventures began. ***** 5 stars By Gaucho on May 26, 2016 Barbara   Casey’s   second   book   in   “The   F.I.G.   Mysteries”   -   THE   WISH   RIDER   –   more   than   meets   expectations.   Following   Book   1,   THE CADENCE   OF   GYPSIES,   this   talented   author   takes   the   FIGs   (Females   of   Intellectual   Genius)   on   another   adventure   –   this   time   to   New   York City.   THE   WISH   RIDER   is   a   is   a   thought-provoking   story   rich   in   suspense,   emotion,   and   creativity   that   can   only   be   brought   about   by   the   three very special orphans. I love this series and am already looking forward to Book 3. ***** 5 stars By Dawn on August 14, 2016 I   received   a   free   copy   of   this   book   for   an   honest   review.   I   had   read   The   Cadence   of   Gypsies,   the   first   book   in   The   F.I.G.   Mysteries   and   I   was looking   forward   to   reading   book   #2.After   Carolina   was   able   to   find   her   birth   mother   with   the   help   of   the   F.I.G.s,   one   of   the   girls,   Dara,   wants   to   try to   find   her   mother.   Dara   had   been   abandoned   10   years   ago   in   a   candy   shop   in   New York.   Carolina   gets   approval   from   the   school   and   the   F.I.G.s are   off   the   New   York   City   days   after   they   just   returned   from   Italy.I   like   the   characters   in   this   book   and   how   the   F.I.G.s   and   Carolina   are   so supportive   of   each   other.   My   favorite   character,   though,   has   to   be   Carolina’s   mother,   Lyuba.   She’s   a   gypsy   and   has   a   lot   of   talent   and wisdom.The F.I.G. Mysteries are good stories and I like Barbara Casey’s writing. ***** 5 stars By Carla on August 9, 2016 I   was   really   excited   to   read   this   book,   especially   after   falling   in   love   with   The   Cadence   of   Gypsies….In   Wish   Rider,   we   find   Dara   on   a   quest   to find   her   birth   Mother.   Unlike   the   other   girls,   Dara   had   been   abandoned   in   a   candy   store   in   her   youth   and   that   is   how   she   ended   up   at   Wood Rose   Orphanage.   It   was   her   trip   to   Italy   with   her   friends   and   mentor,   that   made   her   want   to   discover   her   past   -   especially   when   she   finds   out   her Mother   may   be   in   New   York.   She   decides   to   make   the   trip   with   her   best   friends   and   mentor,   Carolina,   because   there   was   no   way   she   could   do this   alone.   When   they   arrive   in   New York   everything   seems   to   turn   dark.   I   loved   how   Barbara   ties   in   the   gypsy   heritage   and   knowledge   from The Cadence   of   Gypsies   in   this   second   book….Wish   Rider   is   a   well   written,   second   book   follow   up   to   The   Cadence   of   Gypsies.   We   get   an   inside look   at   Dara,   who   although   she   has   had   a   difficult   past   had   turned   into   a   wonderful   young   woman.   A   great   follow   up   to   the   first   novel   in   this series.
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