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THE TOWN CRIER, Wellington, Florida - September 17, 2004 Wellington Author Releases New Book ArcheBooks Publishing has announced the release of its latest novel, titled The Coach's Wife, by Wellington writer Barbara Casey. "We are so pleased to be able to list Barbara among our authors," said Publisher Robert Gelinas. "Barbara has skillfully woven the elements of mystery, romance, intrigue and scandal against a backdrop of an NCAA basketball championship. One doesn't have to be a sports fan to enjoy The Coach's Wife. It is a terrific read!image00502" As   the   wife   of   the   athletics   director   at   North   Carolina   State   University,   the   late Wil lis   Casey,   Barbara   was   able   to   get   a   true   understanding   of   what   is   involved   in running   a   successful   collegiate   athletics   program.   "Naturally,   there   can   be   some very   serious   problems   in   a   college   sports   program,"   said   the   author,   "but   overall, collegiate   sports,   especially   when   you   have   winning   teams,   can   be   wonderful and   exciting   for   everyone   involved.   I'll   never   forget   when   the   NC   State   Wolfpack team   went   to   Albuquerque   in   1983   and   won   the   NCAA   National   Basketball Championship.   ESPN   and   other   national   television   networks   still   show   the   video of   Coach   Valvano   rushing   around   the   basketball   court   after   winning   the   final game,   looking   for   someone   to   hug.   The   first   person   he   found   was   Willis.   I   was second." In The   Coach's   Wife,   the   Cinderella   Coyotes   of   State   University   are   in   the   Final Four,    poised    to    win    the    NCAA    National    Championship    in    basketball,    the culmination    of    March    Madness.    For    Marla    Conners,    she    is    proud    of    her husband   Neal   and   his   achievement   of   coaching   a   collegiate   team   to   the pinnacle   of   his   career   and   the   ultimate   victory   for   his   team.   Yet   Marla's   idyllic life   is   about   to   be   viciously   attacked   and   torn   apart   by   a   different   madness: her   husband's   reputation   ruined,   a   university   disgraced   and   she   finds   herself on trial accused of first-degree murder. The    Coach’s    Wife    is    rife    with    suspense,    conspiracy,    deceit,    murder    and passion.   It   is   also   a   candid   and   vivid   behind-the   scenes   portrait   of   Division One   college   basketball,   college   politics,   money   and   corruption,   and   the   lives that are either blessed or ruined by it all. Barbara is the author of four other novels. She lives in Wellington with her husband and a six-pound Seraphim Maltese named Hemingway. The book is available at local bookstores. For more information please visit
Town Crier September, 2004
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