Queries should be sent by email to or  (NOTE:  I only consider work that is completed.) All attachments should be sent in Microsoft Word .doc or .rtf format. Picture Book illustrations should be sent in .pdf format. Fiction: Please send an email query that includes a cover letter, the title, word count, type of work (adult or children's), brief synopsis or description of the work, the author's biographical sketch, and the first three chapters. Nonfiction: Please email a formal proposal that includes a cover letter, the title, word count, synopsis or description of the work, market analysis and strategies, author's biographical sketch, and completed first three chapters. Picture Books: Please send an email query that includes a cover letter, the title, word count, and author's biographical sketch.  Attach the completed picture book.
The   Barbara   Casey   Agency   was   established   in   1995   and   offers   full-range   representation   for authors   writing   both   fiction   and   nonfiction.      As   a   small   independent   literary   agency,   I   focus   on the   individual   publishing   needs   of   my   clients,   foster   close   relationships   within   the   publishing industry,    and    maintain    a    steady    success    rate    in    the    placement    of    my    clients'    work    (see Placement   Gallery).      My   list   of   international   authors   includes   historians,   journalists,   politicians, teachers,   and   celebrated   novelists   representing   every   genre   and   category.      I   am   committed   to offering   my   clients   not   only   my   expertise   in   negotiating   contracts,   but   contributing   to   all   phases of   the   editorial   and   publishing   processes.      In   addition,   I   work   with   agencies   in   the   entertainment industry to sell or license film, television, stage, and merchandising rights for my clients The   Barbara   Casey   Agency   charges   no   up-front   fees   and   operates   in   accordance   with   the Canon   of   Ethics   of   the Association   of Authors'   Representatives .      I   consider   fiction   and   nonfiction for   both   adult   and   juvenile   books.      Specifically,   I   am   interested   in   literary   and   commercial   fiction, women's     fiction,     science     fiction/fantasy,     mystery/suspense/thriller,     true     crime,     narrative nonfiction, history, biographies, self-help/inspirational, young adult, juvenile, and picture books.
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