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Originally   from   Carrollton,   Illinois,   Barbara   Casey    attended   the   University   of   North   Carolina,   North   Carolina   State   University,   and North   Carolina   Wesleyan   College   where   she   received   a   BA   degree,   summa   cum   laude ,   with   a   double   major   in   English   and   history. In   1978   she   left   her   position   as   Director   of   Public   Relations   and   Vice   President   of   Development   at   North   Carolina   Wesleyan   College to   write   full   time   and   develop   her   own   manuscript   evaluation   and   editorial   service.   Since   that   time   her   award-winning   articles,   short stories,   and   poetry   for   adults   have   appeared   in   several   publications   including   the   AMERICAN   POETRY   ANTHOLOGY ,   the SPARROWGRASS   POETRY   FORUM ,   THE   NATIONAL   LIBRARY   OF   POETRY    ( Editor’s   Choice   Award ),   the   NORTH   CAROLINA CHRISTIAN   ADVOCATE   MAGAZINE ,   THE   NEW   EAST   MAGAZINE ,   the   RALEIGH   (NC)    NEWS   AND   OBSERVER ,   the   ROCKY MOUNT    (NC)   SUNDAY   TELEGRAM ,   DOG   FANCY ,   BYLINE ,   TRUE   STORY    and THE   CHRISTIAN   RECORD .   A   thirty-minute   television   special   which   Ms.   Casey wrote   and   coordinated   was   broadcast   on   WRAL,   Channel   5 ,   in   Raleigh,   North Carolina.   Ms.   Casey's   award-winning   science   fiction   short   stories   for   adults   are featured   in   THE   COSMIC   UNICORN   and   CROSS   TIME    short   story   anthologies. Her   essays,   also   written   for   adults,   appear   in   THE   CHRYSALIS   READER ,   the international    literary    journal    of    the     Swedenborg    Foundation ,    and    A    CUP    OF COMFORT ANTHOLOGY by the Adams Media Corporation . Her   two   middle-grade/young   adult   novels,   LEILANI   ZAN    and   GRANDMA   JOCK AND   CHRISTABELLE    ( James   C.   Winston   Publishing   Co. )   were   nominated   for awards   of   excellence   by   the   SCBWI   Golden   Kite   Award ,   the   National   Association of   University   Women   Literary   Award    and   the   Sir   Walter   Raleigh   Literary   Award .     SHYLA'S   INITIATIVE    ( Crossquarter   Publishing   Group,   2002 ),   a   contemporary adult   novel   of   fiction,   received   the   2003   Independent   Publisher   Book   Award    and received   special   recognition   for   literary   merit   by   the   Palm   Beach   County   Cultural Council .   Ms.   Casey’s   novel   THE   COACH’S   WIFE    ( ArcheBooks   Publishing ),   a contemporary    mystery,    was    listed    as    a    Publisher’s    Best    Seller     and    was semifinalist   of   the   Dana   Award   for   Outstanding   Novel .   In   2007   her   novel,   THE HOUSE   OF   KANE    ( ArcheBooks   Publishing ),   also   a   contemporary   mystery,   was considered   for   a   Pulitzer   nomination ,   and   in   December   2009   her   novel,   JUST LIKE   FAMILY    ( Wandering   Sage   Publications ),   was   launched   by   the   7-Eleven stores    in    St.    Louis,    Missouri.    Her    young    adult    novel,    THE    CADENCE    OF GYPSIES    ( Gauthier   Publications ),   was   released   in   March   2011   and   considered for   the   Smithsonian’s   Most   Notable   2011   Books .      It   was   also   selected   by   Amazon   for   its   2013   List   of   Best   Books.      THE   GOSPEL ACCORDING   TO   PRISSY   ( Strategic   Media   Books ),   a   novel   for   adults,   was   released   in   March   2013   and   received   an   IPPY   Award for   Best   Regional   Fiction.      It   was   also   listed   as   a   “2013   Best   Summer   Read”   by   Conversations   Live   Radio   and   was   placed   in nomination    for    a    Pulitzer   Award.    In            February            2016        Ms.    Casey’s    two    latest    books    were    released.    The    first    was    her          biographical/true      crime   book,   KATHRYN   KELLY:   The   Moll   Behind   Machine   Gun   Kelly ,   which   has   been   optioned   for   a   major   film and   television   mini   series.   The   second,   was   a   young   adult   novel,   THE      WISH   RIDER,       the   sequel   to      THE   CADENCE   OF GYPSIES .   Another   biographical/true   crime   nonfiction   work— ASSATA   SHAKUR:   A   20 th    Century   Escaped   Slave —released   in February 2017 was nominated as a FINALIST by the BOOK EXCELLENCE AWARDS.  Ms.   Casey   is   a   frequent   guest   speaker   at   writers’   conferences   and   universities   throughout   the   United   States.   She   is   former   director, guest   author,   and   panelist   of   BookFest   of   the   Palm   Beaches,   Florida ;   and   for   thirteen   years   she   served   as   judge   for   the   Pathfinder Literary   Awards   in   Florida .      She   held   the   position   of   Florida   Regional   Advisor   for   the   Society   of   Children's   Book   Writers   and Illustrators  from 1991 to 2003. Ms.   Casey   is   president   of   the   Barbara   Casey Agency .   She   represents   clients   nationally   and   internationally   in   fiction   and   non-fiction for   adults.   She   is   also   a   partner   with   Strategic   Media   Books .   Her   past   and   present   professional   associations   are   numerous   and include   being   editorial   consultant   for   The   Jamaican   Writers   Circle    in   affiliation   with   the   University   of   West   Indies   and   Mico   Teachers College   in   Kingston .   She   also   received   special   recognition   for   her   editorial   work   on   the   English   translations   of   Albanian   children’s stories.
Barbara Casey
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